cajon speedway,

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Well there are a few of us americans who have a passion for motor sports in our hearts.
That feel of the wheel of a real race car makes our hearts pound and our blood boil.

I grew up in the back country town of Dulzura Ca. A cow town by most peoples views but a country town it definatley is. Theres not so much as a gas station in the town, no circle k stores, no 7-11, no groceries, just two little caffe's and not much else. 
 in 1996 I took my first real job driving a tow truck for a company called Recovery towing in Alpine Ca just minutes east of elcajon ca. I quickly learned the ropes of being a real professional towing and recovery specialist. after a year or so A guy by the name of Shawn McPhearson started coming looking for parts to build a oval track stock car. In 1998 he completed the car and took it for the first time to ElCajon Speedway located in Elcajon Ca. I of course had the opertunity to be the drive of the flat bed truck that hauled the car to the track. My very first impression was WOW!!! I still remember the smell of the race fuel, rubber tires, and burning oil!!  I decided I liked the racing scene and began hanging out at the track helping where I could when I could. It was not long before I got my first chance to drive a bomber stock car!!

It was a warm saturday night and I can remember the swet running down my face and stinging my eyes. but the pure feeling of satisfaction was over whelming and I never looked back. Taking every opertunity to be at the track was just what I did. from 1998-2004  only missed one or two saturdays of racing  ever. I met a lot of great people there whos names I'll never forget. 

Kevin Sitthlow  from spring vally Ca- Sitthlow Racing- kevin owned several cars when I first met him.
his drivers included Eric Shocky, Butch Johnson, and Randy ? I cant remember Randys last name.

Robert Minnick ( wolverine racing of ElCajon Ca. Robert goes by Bobby and ownes the 393 and 394 pony stock cars to this day!!  Bobby still races at Barona Speedway Just up the hill on wild cat canyon rd north of Lakeside Ca. Bobby has always approached racing with a passion and I dont think Ive ever seen him mis a race in all the years I have known him and his crew.

Perry Humphries Of El Cajon ca #77 bomber stock at cajon speedway and later # 99 at barona speedway.
I met Perry at Cajon Speedway one night when I showed up with my truck loaded with my tool box, air compressor and ready to pit for the #18 Bomber stock and the owner never showed up with the car. I drove around the pits for a couple minutes and ran into Perry who appeared to have a new car that had not even been painted yet. I stoped asked him if he needed any help for the night since the team I crewed for had not shown up. Perry and I became good friends and have been friends since that day.

Shawn McPhearson of ElCajon. Shawn first showed up looking for parts to build a car at our towing facility and soon became a member of our towing and recovery crew at Recovery Towing in Alpine Ca. I worked side by side with Shawn for several years. In 2000 Shawn sustained a sever blow to the head after wrecking his brand new #55 street stock car. We had worked for an entire off season to get the car ready and the night before opening night Shawn was working on the car late and decided to see if everything was good to go for the following day. He started down the street and went about a block, turned around and headed back towards the garage when he lost controle of the car. The car hit a telephone pole and Shawn sustained major head trama. He remained in the ICU unit at scripps/mercy hospital untioll he was declared brain dead. His wife Marry decided it best to pull the plug on his life support system and allowe him to rest in peace with God.   to this day I think about all the great people who I have met as a result of raacing at Cajon Speedway And I can say I'll remember them till my days end.